SharePoint 2013 Hosting :: How to Add an Active Directory Account to SharePoint


 One of the most common questions when someone starts to using SharePoint is how to add users. SharePoint does not provide a way to authenticate or control the password accounts. SharePoint depends on Active Directory (AD) (or similar) to provide the control and authentication mechanism. You can have hundreds of user accounts in AD, but they won’t be in your SharePoint farm until you specifically add them. Active Directory Section If we select the location of the users, we can…

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SharePoint 2013 Hosting :: How to Set Unique Permissions for Folders and Documents


 Like earlier versions of SharePoint, In SharePoint 2013 you can set unique permissions for Folders and Items\Documents using the “Shared With” option. It is not that straight forward and it took me few minutes to get to the desired screen. Microsoft shouldn’t have Changed the design that much.. I mean people from my company are still getting hands-on on SharePoint 2010 UI and now this will be a huge Change. Anyway.. here is the quick tip that you need. Click…

Read More Announces Newest Support for SharePoint 2013 Hosting is a premiere web hosting company that specializes in Windows and ASP.NET-based hosting, proudly announces the new Microsoft product, SharePoint 2013 hosting to all new and existing customers. As in the SharePoint 2010 product line, SharePoint 2013 Foundation is the core platform of the product. SharePoint 2013 comes with enhancements to the administration and user experience, plus new options for enterprise users to collaborate using social media features. SharePoint Server 2013 is basically Foundation with additional Enterprise services and…

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SharePoint 2010 Hosting :: How to Install SSRS 2012 Without Upgrade Your Database Server


 SQL 2012 RTMed last month (March 2012) with much fanfare. For us SharePoint types, SQL is a big deal, as SQL is the backbone of SharePoint. SQL 2012 has a few new or updated features that are of interest to SharePoint aficionados, but this blog post is specifically about SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). SSRS got a major overhaul in SQL 2012. It is finally a SharePoint service application. Anyone that has installed SSRS previous to SQL 2012 can appreciate…

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SharePoint 2010 Hosting :: SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence (SharePoint BI)


 Today’s business decision-makers have a distinct advantage over their predecessors when it comes to business intelligence (BI) tools that they can use for analysis, trending, and presentation of data. A good BI strategy, supported by a solid base of BI technologies, can streamline business processes while also boosting productivity and profit. In today’s economy BI is prominent way for organization to help realise their organizational growth and can have insight for planning and executing effective organizational resources and units.

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SharePoint 2010 Hosting :: SharePoint 2010 Web Parts in Action


 Introduction When working with SharePoint, you most often have several environments such as development, test, staging, and production to secure and validate your implementation. You start by building and configuring your Web Parts in the development environment before moving on to the test, and so on. If you have a Web Part with a lot of configuration options and would like to move that into another environment, it can be hard to reconfigure the Web Part in the new site.…

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