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SharePoint 2010 Hosting – How to Fix MissingWebPart Error in SharePoint 2010 ?


 In this article I’m going to tell you about How to Fix MissingWebPart Error in SharePoint 2010. I found useful cmdlets to diagnose and clear those errors in the Content DB of my SharePoint 2010 Farm. 1. First, Inspect the DB. And then:

2.  Select the WebPart Class GUID like the following picture: 3. Now, create the SQL Function and execute it into PowerShell with following code:

Now, run the code below with the related WebPart Class GUID:…

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SharePoint 2013 Hosting UK :: Learn How to update the Content Type Hub URL on SharePoint 2013


On this article, we will learn How to update the Content Type Hub URL on SharePoint 2013 Hosting UK. We moved the most content DB, the managed metadata DB, and also the content hub DB. Everything was recreated and moved more than the right way. However when I went to change a Content Type inside the Website Collection Content Type Hub, the content type appeared as “read only”. When a few investigation I realised the “Managed Metadata Service” was still displaying the recent DEV Content Type Hub URL.

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SharePoint 2013 Hosting – Utilizing Promises in SharePoint 2013 Apps


When developing more complex applications to SharePoint 2013 REST API , you have to make some calls quiet often asynchronous . For example , the initial calm call may take the master data while filling subsequest call child data . The challenge with a couple of calls is that they need to happen in sequence , but each call is made asynchronously. So the only solution is to nest calls depending on the “success ” callback function .

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SharePoint 2013 Hosting Netherlands :: How to produce a website Creation App in SharePoint 2013 ?


 In SharePoint 2013, a web site Creation App permits an option to the users to make a site even though the user has no permission to make a site from a web template that we are able to put together either custom or OOTB. for instance, if we tend to use SharePoint as a social platform and use community websites and community portalm then we will give an choice to user this app wherever the user can produce a community…

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