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SharePoint 2013 Hosting :: How do I Change the Content Type Hub URL?


 The URLof the content type hub cannot be changed from UI of SharePoint 2013 Central Administration once we have the Managed MetaData Service (MMS) application created. We can however still change it by using Powershell! (Of Course) You’ll need to know two pieces of information: What is the administrative name of your managed metadata service and what is the new URL you want to serve as the content type hub. Then just launch the SharePoint Management Shell as an administrator…

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SharePoint 2013 Hosting :: How To Manage SharePoint access permissions after a SP2013 Migration


 Manage SharePoint access permissions after a SP2013 Migration Here I would like to help you migrate your SharePoint 2010 Site Collections to your new SharePoint 2013 environment. You’ve possibly even already tested it and have noticed that it works pretty well! However, since nothing is perfect, you’ve noticed the sites or the lists and libraries that used to have anonymous access permissions on them no longer do at your newly migrated SharePoint 2013 destination. What needs to be done normally…

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