Windows SharePoint Services allows you to increase your individual and team productivity with standard and custom sites for information sharing and document collaboration.

Windows SharePoint Services is a set of information infrastructure tools that super-charge teamwork across geographical boundaries by providing web-based access to advanced tools for project collaboration, document sharing, and meeting management, as well as a platform for building customized web-based applications and services. Windows SharePoint enables simplified collaboration with a single point of information access to improve teamwork and facilitate the management of projects and processes.

Exchange My Mail provides Windows SharePoint hosting for a worry-free collaboration solution. Exchange My Mail makes the collaborative power of SharePoint accessible to even the smallest businesses by maintaining the required resources with the attention to security and performance needed to achieve maximum uptime and reliability. Hosted SharePoint from Exchange My Mail provides all the functionality of SharePoint with the added peace of mind and cost savings that come from outsourcing SharePoint management to a Microsoft hosting expert.

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Builds a community where teamwork thrives

SharePoint provides web-based workspace where teammates can communicate, share ideas, information, and documents. The document collaboration features allow for easy check in, check out and document version control to give every member of the team access to the resources and materials they need to contribute effectively. SharePoint can be used to facilitate discussions, collaboration, and surveys to connect teammates even across geographic boundaries, with access via both web browsers and through clients that support Web Services.

Simplifies collaboration – between coworkers and across boundaries

SharePoint provides the means to share knowledge, find information, and collaborate more easily and securely both within and across organizational boundaries. You can use SharePoint sites to tap the knowledge of your partners and customers and to connect more effectively with your personal network.

  • Centrally store, manage, and access documents. Organizations can store and organize all business documents and content in one central, web-based location, and users have a consistent mechanism to navigate and find relevant information.
  • Streamline everyday business activities. SharePoint integrates with familiar Microsoft Office client applications, e-mail, and web browsers to shorten the learning curve and speed user adoption. Standard workflows automate and provide insight into common business activities such as document review and approval, issue tracking, and signature collection. Organizations can easily modify the out-of-the-box processes or define their own processes using SharePoint templates.
  • Simplify information entry and reduce manual errors. SharePoint Forms Services makes it possible to securely and accurately collect information without coding any custom applications. This information can then be integrated easily into line-of-business systems, stored in document libraries, used to start workflow processes, or submitted to web services, thus avoiding duplicate effort and reducing the likelihood of manual data entry errors.
  • Control documents through detailed, extensible policy management. Define customized document management policies to control access rights at a per-item level, specify retention periods and expiration actions, and track content through document-auditing settings.
  • Simplify web content management. SharePoint provides easy-to-use functionality to create, approve, and publish web content. Master Pages and Page Layouts provide reusable templates for a consistent look and feel.

Improves Business Insight

With SharePoint it is easy to track important business drivers to proactively respond to issues and support informed decision-making throughout the organization. SharePoint:

  • Presents business-critical information in one central location
  • Instantly connects people with information
  • Allows sharing of business data while helping to protect sensitive information

Empowers the individual

Individual SharePoint site members can find and communicate with key contacts, easily search content, and opt to receive alerts to tell them when existing documents and information have been changed, or when new information or documents have been added. Site content and layout can be personalized on a per-user basis and SharePoint Web Parts can be used to present targeted information to specific users on precise topics.

Empowers the organization

SharePoint enhances organizational efficiency and productivity by:

  • Supporting all intranets, extranets, and web applications across the enterprise with one integrated platform, thus reducing the number of platforms to maintain
  • Allowing site managers to customize the content and layout of sites to ensure that members can access and work with important and relevant information
  • Providing tools to monitor and moderate team participation Including flexible and easily accessible security and task responsibilities
  • Reducing repeated effort with templates that can be designed, saved, and reused by individuals, teams, or business units across the organization.

Facilitates Control of Content and Processes

SharePoint’s comprehensive set of tools for managing and controlling electronic content streamline the everyday tasks that can get in the way of productivity. With SharePoint, users can take advantage of electronic forms and out-of-the-box workflow processes based on familiar Microsoft Office applications, email, or browsers. The content and process steps are contained and tracked by SharePoint; better content control simplifies compliance efforts and keeps business information secure.