The list schema for survey list is quite different from the custom lists. Every question is added as the list column(field) and every response to questions is added as list item. To retrieve the survey question and and to submit the response to list via client object model, do the following.


1)Load the reference of sp.js and Load the address of function to be called as below

2)Define the function.

3) Create callback handlers in this function

4)Execute an async query in this function

5)Define Function On success full operation.

6)Pass on the exception to UI by defining the failure function

7)To Submit Response to Survey List

8)Add the above code lines in txt file as follows

9)To debug above code place debugger; after any code line,which helps you to debug client object code with Visual Studio debugger.

10)Save this file as .txt file and upload to library and refer this link in content editor webpart
This post is for good maintainability of code on Sharepoint site itself.

Hopefully it will help you. Happy coding.

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