Today, I came across an interesting question in a forum and the question was.. “How to hide “New Site” option available in the Site Actions menu when the publishing feature is enabled.


Initially, I thought it would be easy with HideCustomAction element in a custom feature. However, it did not turn out to be that easy. After some investigation I figured out that that menu item is created by Publishing feature in code. HideCustomAction would have helped me if it was created declaratively. So, I took the same approach as Publishing feature to hide the menu. Here is the solution:

This was tough when I started doing it today. It is possible via feature using a CustomAction element in the elements.xml and some code. I tried a no-code solution but it was not possible.

The scope of your feature would be “site”. Also, don’t forget to put SafeControl entry for your class in the web.config or it may not work.

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