Creating a website is no longer a difficult thing nowadays. We benefited from the development of Internet technology is very rapid, so many websites available platform that we can use for free and easy.

Moreover, today it is more and more people are looking for information via the Internet. Internet users in Indonesia was already increasing.

We must give a unique name to identify the name of the server computer as a web server or email server on a computer network or the Internet. The domain name serves to facilitate the users on the internet at the time of access to the server, as well as used to remember the name of the server that you visit without having to know complicated series of numbers known as IP addresses. This domain name is also known as a union of a website. Domain names are sometimes referred to by the term URL, or website address. In Sharepoint, we can do this easily. So that’s why in this tutorial, I will show you how to change your host URL in Sharepoint 2013.

  • Go to “Application management” and select “Manage web application”
  • Click on your current “My site web application” and use “Extend” feature

Using that feature causes that this web site will be extended and by this exposed by IIS on additional URL.

  • Go to AAM (“Application management” –> “Configure alternate access mappings”) and select (if it is not selected already) your old “My host” web application.
  • Use “Edit public URLs” button.
  • Make sure that new URL, you will need to swap it with the one with is currently default

so, your new “My site host” URL need to be in default and the old one need to go into “Intranet”

  • Go to “Manage profile service” –> “Setup my site”.

and adjust “My site host location” to point to new “My site host” URL. Please notice that if you will not perform step 5, then even if you type here new my site host URL, then after saving and coming back system will restore old one <- this is the reason why we need to make new my site host URL a default one.

Then you can open your home page then verify if system is using new “My site host” URL, and you are done.