Thought of updating you on my findings in SharePoint 2010 – this might be useful pointers for you; a little spanner in your works.
I was testing the Multilingual Interface of SharePoint 2010; Seems SharePoint 2010 is improved and extended its capabilities on the good old MOSS 2007.

Both SharePoint foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 have language packs are avaialble to install, but if you are using licenced version of SharePoint Server 2010 you need to install both the SharePoint Foundation and the SharePoint Server langauage packs. I downloded the Hindi Language pack and installed –
Once you install the language packs you can take advantage of Multilingual User Interface (MUI). The lanaguage is enabled on per-site basis Administration > Language settings will list out all the languages you installed.

Once after you turn on alternate language, you can change the language of SharePoint interface. Click you name on the upper right corner, hover over Display language and choose which language you’d like the site translated into.

The Ribbon, Site Actions Menu, Site Settings Menu and other SharePoint components will be translated to the selected language.
SharePoint 2010 has done a pretty descent job in multi language implementation – List/ Document libraries column title that are pre-built into a list are automatically translated, however you can translate custom coloumns and engage metadata service application for further translation.

The Out of the Box Menus and predefined labels are changed to the selected language.

However when i did the searching there were many glitches – i could still see “English” popping up – seems this should be fixed by more mapping of the metadata.