One of several restrictions involving making use of Managed Metadata fields throughout SharePoint 2010 could be the inability to use your datasheet view. That is a small troublesome, specially in order to be capable to bulk change Managed Metadata fields.

Whilst not the very best answer there exists a number of approaches that one could edit Managed Metadata fields that will help to make the task associated with bringing up-to-date these kinds of fields less difficult.

Thus enables presume that we hold the subsequent Document Stockpile under. The line ‘Category’ is a Managed Metadata line that we linked a selected group to a file which is present within this library:

How to Edit Managed Metadata Fields in SharePoint 2010 1

Standard Browser Editing

As with other columns you can constantly edit Managed Metadata columns with the Web Interface easily and quickly. There are a variety regarding ways to get to enhancing the item but no matter what you may be along with having the ability to type-ahead or select a worth through an index of selections. Bear in mind that it will simply help you edit one piece at a time:

How to Edit Managed Metadata Fields in SharePoint 2010 2

Office Client Editing

One other way to revise Managed Metadata is over the Office client screen. Go into the backstage view and carry out exactly the same function as over the normal web browser choice previously mentioned. On the other hand you’ll want office 2010, Managed Metadata articles will not be helped to be editing inside office 2007:

How to Edit Managed Metadata Fields in SharePoint 2010 3

Inline Editing

It is a good attribute that will hardly becomes just about any mention however it is effective perfect for Managed Metadata job areas. In case you have inline modifying allowed you can change Managed Metadata (and other fields) available while not having to begin another screen. I believe of it as the poor mans datasheet as you are can not help make adjustments in order to more than one object each time, however it can conserve major time modifying metadata:

How to Edit Managed Metadata Fields in SharePoint 2010 4

Document Set Shared Columns

Be Creative there’s only a good way to bulk edit Managed Metadata fields and that is simply by using a Document Set, making a managed metadata column, and then setting it as shared. Consequently let us suppose that i have a Document Set that i use to be able to store Project Docs:

How to Edit Managed Metadata Fields in SharePoint 2010 5

Once I have created the Document Set and added my Managed Metadata columns to the set, I select the column that I want to share across all content in the set as Shared:

How to Edit Managed Metadata Fields in SharePoint 2010 6

Now if I edit the properties of the Document Set all the values of my shared column called ‘Customer’ will change and be propagated to the contents contained within:

How to Edit Managed Metadata Fields in SharePoint 2010 9

How to Edit Managed Metadata Fields in SharePoint 2010 10
So as you can see there are a number of ways to edit Managed Metadata fields in SharePoint 2010. Although there isn’t an ideal solution to get around the Datasheet issue its good to know that there are plenty of options available.

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