In this post, I wanna tell you, how to configure excel Services in SharePoint 2010.
Following are the steps to configure excel services :
1. Click Application Management
2. Click Manage Service Applications

3. Click Secure Store Services Applications
4. Click on new and fill the necessary details as shown below

  • Target Application ID: SP2010ExcelServices
  • Display Name: SP2010ExcelServices
  • Contact Email: yourmail
  • Target Application Type: Group
  • Target Application URL: None and then click next.

5. Keep the default settings and click next

6. Fill the below details

  • Target Application Administrators: Domain\Administrator
  • Members: Domain\Domain Users and click ok.

7. Once the target application ID is created, Checked the checkbox next to SP2010ExcelServices and click on generate new key in the ribbon.

8. Enter the Pass Phrase

9. Once again checked the checkbox next to SP2010ExcelServices and click on set credentials in the ribbon.

10. Once again click Application Management, Manage Service Applications and then Excel Services Applications.

11. Click Global Settings, Scroll to the bottom of the page and in the Application ID field under external data, enter SP2010ExcelServices then click OK.

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