Sharepoint Server 2010 Hosting

Sharepoint Server 2010 Hosting :: Working with Excel Service 2010


 Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet application used in every office. As such SharePoint Server provides special support for it. In the current article, we will review SharePoint Excel Services and  publish a sample spreadsheet using Excel services. Microsoft Office Excel is powerful but not perfect. For example if you want a colleague to preview the data they will need a compatible version of the Excel installed on their computer. In addition, if you send a spreadsheet containing complex…

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Sharepoint 2010 Hosting :: Working with Claim-based Authentication


 Today when duplicity problem has increased a lot, authentication has become a must. Authentication is the process of determining if someone is who they claim to be. It answers the question “Who is this guy really?” Taking advantage of SharePoint Server 2010 Claims Based Authentication feature may help you curb this duplicity issue. Even if you are a SharePoint Foundation 2010 user, you can enjoy the same feature to authenticate the user identity. In case you are looking for a…

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Sharepoint Server 2010 Hosting :: Enterprise Wiki Sharepoint 2010 Templates


 An Enterprise Wiki is a publishing site for sharing and updating large volumes of information across an enterprise. If an organization needs a large, centralized knowledge repository that is designed to both store and share information on an enterprise-wide scale, consider using an Enterprise Wiki. In case you are looking for a place to host your Enterprise Wiki Sharepoint site, please have a look at With the lowest and most affordable Sharepoint Server 2010 hosting price, you can maximize…

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