SharePoint 2013 is the latest version of one of the most successful enterprise collaboration software from Microsoft with more than 100 million licenses sold. SharePoint 2013 comes in three versions – Foundation, Standard, and Enterprise. currently offers these versions in shared hosting versions only. We also host older versions of SharePoint. We offer SharePoint 2013 hosting service from just as low as $9.99/month only.

Who uses SharePoint?

SharePoint can be used by any group that requires online access to data, information, applications, and analytical and reporting tools. With easy ability to limit access to users, a SharePoint site can be internet facing to all users, limited to internal users or open to selected outsiders.

Installed and managed by an expert hosting provider such as, hosted SharePoint 2013 requires no technical expertise and can be easily managed by a typical business user through a user friendly and familiar interface common to Microsoft business software.

With such a low cost entry point and ease of use of its hosted SharePoint solutions,’s SharePoint customers include firms providing professional services (doctors, lawyers, contractors, consultants), small businesses (retailers, specialized tradesmen), non-profits (educational institutions, condo associations, church groups, charity organizations, trade groups, etc.).

However, SharePoint comes with deep functionality and scalability that explains its wide acceptance in large enterprises at departmental, division, or global level. As these solutions become complex and large, organizations use’s SharePoint solutions in dedicated or farm modes that provide better control, customization and scalability.

Benefits of SharePoint 2013

Microsoft SharePoint can be a private intranet site, a data repository, a smart website, a built-in content management system, a development platform, an extranet site, a collection of websites, best-in-class portal software, a document management system, a project management system, a workflow designer, and more. You can collaborate, communicate, gather decision-making reports and data from multiple resources and publish those online, make visually presentable reports, create and view intuitive and real-time dashboards, do customizations, import theme templates, and do more with your SharePoint site.

Improvements in Microsoft SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 is here and that too with some interesting features for SharePoint lovers. SharePoint Apps is one such feature. SharePoint Apps are separate web applications that will offer you ready-to-use websites which are quick to set up, manage, use, upgrade, and remove. will offer you with an apps catalog with a bunch of apps that will suit your needs suiting your needs. Some other interesting new features include a new website content management system with a simplified design and content reuse, an integrate Fast Search for potential scalability and enterprise search, a social platform influenced by Twitter and Facebook, fancy new workflow designer and overhauled workflow infrastructure inside SharePoint Designer 2013, a much more powerful Business Connectivity Services with support for the new eventing framework and OData data sources, enhanced mobile devices viewing experience for all major tablet platforms and smartphones, and more.

Why choose for SharePoint 2013 Hosting?

Wide Range of Options: offers a gamut of SharePoint versions in various modes such as hosted, dedicated, and farm clusters that are ready-to-go.

Simple Terms: has no long term contracts, online purchase, signup, and management through a user friendly control panel.

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World-class SharePoint Infrastructure:’s SharePoint infrastructure is located in reliable US based data centers with SAS 70 certifications.

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